Joi se intrerupe furnizarea apei pe Mihai Viteazu si pe Aleea Fratii Buzesti

18 Iunie 2013 15:04

Apă Canal anunţă că pentru efectuarea unei lucrări de cuplare la conducta DN 300 din M.Viteazu/Calea Cisnădiei, joi, 20 iunie, între orele 9:00-20:00 se va întrerupe furnizarea apei potabile la blocurile cu zece etaje de pe bulevardul Mihai Viteazu și Aleea Frații Buzești. Întreruperea furnizării apei va afecta și SC Energosib (fosta CT6).

“ Apă Canal va asigura populaţia cu apă menajeră, prin intermediul a două cisterne care vor staţiona pe Aleea Frații Buzești (lângă magazinul Trans Agape) și respectiv în zona CT6. Rugăm abonaţii să-şi asigure rezerva de apă”, spun reprezentanţii Apă Canal.

Informaţii suplimentare la tel: 0269-222777

Dorina Nitu

de Dorina Nitu

0742 381 305


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Carrie, Don't know if you remember a coanorsvtien we had (is it already years ago now? ) when I worked for you. I, too, made the remark that I didn't think it would be fair to leave a pet alone for all the hours we worked. Thanks to you, you made me see that the hours with us would be so much better than what they would experience otherwise. We thought about that for a short while and came up with what we thought was a solution to the loneliness factor. We got 2, not only did we bite off 2 dogs at one time, but they were puppies no less! You remember Moose and Bear. Of course, I still couldn't bring myself to crate them, so we dealt with LOTS of damage, all of which was our fault so we did the grin and repair it routine. Through it all, I realized that all these years I didn't have pets, I really was a pet owner at heart. Sadly we lost those two, but bless your heart, you led us to Brownie and Wiggles not names I would have chosen, but we couldn't bring ourselves to change their names and confuse them. As I write this, they're laying here between us snoring and passing gas like a freight train. lol The one thing that I have learned with these two is that crates are NOT bad things. I finally convinced myself to get one. I've learned that it is their safe place. I put a bed in theirs and leave the door open and they'll go in and out of it to nap, or if they think they've done something wrong (whether we say something to them or not). Sorry about the book, but your blog really struck a chord with me. Thank you for EVERYTHING Carrie.


Acum 6 ani

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